Provide your members an easy way to understand their health plans, obtain test cost estimates and review the status of their health plans all from

Member satisfaction is the key for member retention and with members can conversationally provide information and get accurate answers. has a rich Natural Language Understanding empowering members to converse with their health plan.

Convert any process into a conversational experience for your members instantly with and drive revenues, reduce the burden on your staff and gain productivity.

Educate your members about your insurance plans and benefits with HealthFAX™ KnowledgeBOT. The KnowledgeBOT has more than 1M questions and answers and users ask questions conversationally. assists
members in

Eliminate member anxiety and provide members with the information they need about their healthcare costs, instantly, with in a conversational manner.

Reduce the burden on your staff by allowing to answer questions and provide real-time test cost estimates and detailed snapshots of a member’s health insurance such as co-pay, deductibles, co-insurance, etc.

Health insurance education is available with KnowledgeBOT.

Provide your members the ease to their healthcare journey by regular follow-up based on their health plans via During follow-up, will follow through with members about their recovery process and suggesting the next steps.

Use ExpertConnect to immediately connect your members to experts via a live chat or scheduled phone call. assists
providers in

Empower providers with the tools they need for health insurance claims processing. collects patient information conversationally and provides a complete patient profile thereby reducing claim denials. automates the entire process of pre-authorization documentation and prepares it for transmitting it to your network for processing, reducing bottlenecks, and enhancing process optimization.

Payors and members can check claim statuses with chatbots and ask any questions to KnowledgeBOT. simplifies the revenue life cycle management by meaningfully connecting all the stakeholders.

Providing accurate health insurance
information to members


More than 1.5M curated
questions & answers


Instantly educate members
about health insurance


Empower members to ask questions
in natural language.


Review contextually relevant
information instantly