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About Us

About OptraHEALTH

OptraHEALTH® is focused on improving outcomes for consumers and leading Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations by utilizing our next generation Artificial Intelligence Platform. OptraHEALTH’s flagship product GeneFAX™ is an AI powered Knowledge Platform for Genetic Health.

GeneFAX™ is a Digital Genetic Assistant trained on genetics knowledgebase to aid genetics labs/providers in Consenting, Triaging, Pre-Test counseling and Post-Test counseling processes. GeneFAX™ also enables patients to connect live with a human counselor at any time. GeneFAX™ service is a cloud service that empowers healthcare organizations/ clinical labs to build and deploy, AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots that can be used to enhance their processes, patient engagements and cost reduction efforts.

Leadership Team


Dr. Gauri Naik

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Naik is the Founder CEO of OptraHEALTH. Dr Naik is geneticist with successful past exits with Roche.

Abhi Gholap

Executive Chairman

Abhi Gholap is the Co-founder & Chairman of OptraHEALTH. Abhi is a biomedical engineer from IIT Mumbai and Stanford GSB alumnus with 3 major exits and member of Sand Hill Angels.


Ashwin Kotwaliwale

Medical Director

Dr Kotwaliwale is the Medical Director at OptraHEALTH and is physician-bioinformatician having worked in the medical genetics industry for about 20 years.

Nitin Sharma

Director - Product Engineering

Nitin Sharma is the Director, Engineering. Nitin is a technology architect with expertise in AI/NLP and client-side implementations.

Kathleen Fergus

Chief Genetic Consultant

Kathleen Fergus serves the Chief Genetic Counselor. Ms. Fergus is a genetic counselor with over 20 years of clinical experience in medical genetics and public health. Kathleen has past work experience with Roche and Kaiser Permanente.

Advisory Board


Dr. George Church, PhD.

Dr Church is a pioneer in DNA sequencing technology and world-renowned scientist and a strong believer of new technologies for the betterment of human health.

Dr. Scott Kahn, PhD.

Dr Kahn was the former CIO of Illumina Inc. Dr Kahn is an expert in enterprise information systems and in the field of variant analysis.


Mr. Grant Wood

Grant Wood is the chief strategist at Intermountain Healthcare for HL7 and precision genomics.

Geralyn Miller

Geralyn Miller is the 'Director, Genomics at Microsoft', where she focuses on the intersection of genomics and AI. Ms. Miller brings extensive technical experience and has a proven track record of getting innovative technologies into mainstream adoption.